Verticali (part 1)


So we can’t show you the product just yet but I can at least mention some design ideas in Crusher that might be interesting. A wonderfully questionable aspect of the product is what I dubbed the Verticali. “So, why the verticali again?” asks Phillip. Most of you out there would probably wonder as well. Not that it needs to be explained, but hell we’ve got a blog so why not. There are several reasons. First:

Like how most things, it goes back to when we were in the bushes. By ‘bushes’ I mean when we as people went from bush to bush creeping on our prey, and hiding from those which prey on us. Those were simpler times when we could peep out and scan across wild, sunlit prairies for miles. Vast horizons where if something was alive out there it was vertical, if dead it was horizontal. We ourselves are very erect creatures. Thus, when confronted by a verticali there is a natural narrowing of our attention, of our focus. Crusher calls for this focus in its presentation, a maneuver which is atypical with traditional websites and apps whose presentation can be compared more to, say, “the screeching sound of innumerable gibbons.” (:



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