First ever Ajax-safe web advertising

Key to any successful online campaign are attention-grabbing (annoying), attractive (repelling), appropriate (rarely relevant), award-winning ad banners. Available immediately on the Crusher website is this handsome favicon banner spot appearing on every single Crusher page at a prime location which never goes below the fold. Want your web advertising to be successful? Then you should start off by advertising with us. Price sheet available upon request (:


But seriously, aside from this we don’t have ad banners on Crusher. To me, the business goals of maximizing page hits just can’t really align with user experience and usability goals. I could be wrong. Nor does it align with programming goals of serving up information in a more dynamic ajax-ian-istic-tious approach. Advertisers pay on a cost-per-impression basis and ajax seeks to eliminate page refresh. This is perhaps one of the reasons why ajax-ian-ster-ization hasn’t been embraced as readily, until more recently, even though it is said to have been available for years. I could be wrong about that, too. Either way, everyone can agree that ad banners aren’t pretty. Even those most trained in banner-blindness will have a more pleasant time at Crusher and it will do wonders to our brand. And brand is everything.


2 Responses to “First ever Ajax-safe web advertising”

  1. First-ever view-source advertising « Crusher Programatica Says:

    […] a banner-free flag over our product. Around the same time, we half-seriously introduced the “First-ever Ajax-safe web advertising” to simply make a point about how page views conflict with where interactivity is headed. […]

  2. olle Says:

    This morning I was at a seminarie about eye-tracking. Actually the first spot a visitor gaze at is the beginning of the browsers adress field. It would be a really great place for ads.

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