Verticali (part 2)

(read part 1)

Okay, onto somewhat more (but barely) acceptable explanations: Crusher is for showcasing your content. And specifically with digital stuff, content structure is evolving a vertical nature. This differs from the way we consumed stuff in the past which has typically been a left/right fashion, as with paging through a book or newspaper, spooling through audio/video cassette reels, shopping isles of furniture and groceries, etc. The way we consume a lot of that stuff today is digitally where the sheer amount of information is best and most efficiently handled vertically. How annoying is it to be confronted by a horizontal scroll bar when browsing? Just as we’ve left the bushes, we can leave the old world metaphors behind. A web page with previous/next pagination controls no longer has a real need to be analogous to a physical book. “VCR controls” will make sense to younger generations just as much as a rotary telephone dial does to us today.



One Response to “Verticali (part 2)”

  1. Definign Success in Kilometers « Crusher Programatica Says:

    […] that takes on many forms, much of which can hardly be measured by the website itself. However, the vertical nature of Crusher would somewhat be telling since an engaged user would likely interact and […]

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