Seeking Ruby Rails Programmer

We’re looking for you! If not, maybe someone you might know. Perhaps a friend of your friend. Or a myspace friend. Someone. Please forward…

Job Posting: We are an easy going 3.5 person skeleton crew start-up looking for rockstar ruby coder to join the group part or full time. Crusher is a small agile group of designer/programmers putting together a cool web app around event publishing. We’re now just weeks away from a beta launch and could use your help. Product is feature-lean, has been in development for 6 months. We haven’t sought funding yet, going at it with no budget (Cecil B Demented style) so offering nice equity NOW. We work out of a live/work space, at times from home, but expecting to eventually get a space.

If you are at that point where you can live off a bit of savings and are looking to work on making something more fun and awesome, we’ve got a stage for you. You must be proficient in ruby/rails and able to work locally in San Francisco. Love for sushi a plus. Contact us at



One Response to “Seeking Ruby Rails Programmer”

  1. Doug Says:

    I’d apply if I weren’t already working there. Honest!

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