Press Release – Crusher Beta, a good indication of full on Crusher

San Francisco, CA – After almost seven months of development by a small skeleton crew of experienced designer/developers, Crusher Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Crusher Beta, a website which confirms a new stage in the evolution of living room start-up efficacy. Breaking away from the common practice of well funded, well staffed, over featurized, disruptive technology start-ups, the Crusher Beta is the world’s first website to deliver a practical and agile *shotgun application under no budget. Crusher Inc. has identified practicality and agility as two of the major quality benchmarks for the electric internet.

Building on the success of well-intentioned web services, the Crusher Beta pulls away from the pack with a feature set a third the size of most similar online event publishing applications. The product of many years of accumulated personal frustrations, this is the closest that any website has come to approximating the remarkable Crusher (post-beta) of the future. In practical terms, it is a breakthrough in delivering the initial version of what one day will be full on Crusher, envisioned as an awesome collaborative showcase for events.

Beneath its raw no-nonsense exterior, the Crusher Beta boasts the latest in Bay Area hip programming trends that puts older sites to shame. Built almost entirely using Ruby on Rails and AJAX, Crusher Beta was developed with minimal time and resources while producing major functionality and application appeal. The ratio is phenomenal.

Crusher Beta showcases a new “no membership required” system, which uses no traditional marketing schemes to convert its users into membership. Instead it employs exceptional charm and good user-experience (which comes from using the product) to sell itself.

The beta at a glance:

– Create engaging event invitations using photos, video, and music.
– Keep track of your private or public guest list, RSVP’s optional.
– Customize the look of your page quickly, or dare to edit the CSS.
– Get real-time notifications and comments in your phone.
– Ha ha! Organize your own personal events from larger public events (aka Crush This).
– Add your own custom functionality using HTML.
– Report **bugs and provide feedback. Take part and watch it grow!
– Oh, and no ad banners.

The Crusher Beta is simply a landmark beta application!

*A shotgun application is defined as a short-range broad-experience easy to use application, which strives for a very low barrier to entry and a limited built in feature set.
**A software bug is a flaw that leads to unintended results.


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