Updates and bug fixes


First Monday after the quiet release and we’re busy planning our next move. We’re getting some feedback from friends as well, so we also went ahead and terminated a big bug and improved a feature here and there.

  • Trouble adding a photo of yourself? Uploading an image was working fine. But clicking “Save…” on the Accounts page was overwriting the image you just uploaded with one of the random ones we have. This was confusing. This “whomping” of your image also happened when you started to create a page anonymously (logged out) and signed it in during saving. This is fixed. Thanks to Paige for reporting it.
  • Add links in your comments. We added the “A” tag to the white list of allowed HTML for comments so now you can post a link.
  • Forgot your password? Resetting your forgotten password works great. We were missing a dialog page which simply asks you to go check your email for the password reset link. The flow was broken and is now fixed.

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