Untitled Bubblegum Not Me

Pushed some more misc. changes last night.

  • Bubblegum comments you post on your friends profile appears with a “(x)” link that lets you or your friend (who’s profile it is) remove the comment. Clicking this deletes the comment, and there is no way to get it back, so we added an “Are you sure… ?” prompt. Whew! Never lose a bubblegum comment again. To see your friends profile, click on their name or picture.
  • Not me, not you? In the course of RSVP’ng, some of you ran across the “not me” link on the page and were confused. Because you are you. This was there to handle the case where your friend mistakenly forwards you their special URL to the page that contains a certain key that identifies them. And you are not your friend. We’ve updated it to not get in the way of that flow as much and made the language a bit clearer.
  • A title is required with each page you create. Ugh, requirements, you say. But it makes sense cause we need a way of referring to it. If you were born and weren’t given a name you’d hate it too. So we pre-fill the Title module with “Untitled” and expect you to enter your own. We just made it a bit kinder to where the pre-fill goes away when you click within the field and comes back when you leave it blank. Nice.

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