Mailer Mugshot Stars


Misc. changes we released this morning:

  • Your mug wasn’t showing up right in the mailer when you invite other people to an event you were invited to. This is now fixed. Clicking “invite others” on an event (if you are allowed to by the Organizer) lets invite other people and add them to the guest list. You can add your own personal message and the mailer they receive comes from you with your name on it and now, your mug as well. That is, if you are a member and we have your mug. The image above is an example.
  • Account password fields now have stars in them. Before, even though you already have a password, the fields appeared blank. This was misleading, and some people thought they had to enter them again.
  • Added some missing commas in the RSVP module where we say “Thanks for your respose, Rory”. Such a minor fix but wanted to thank Paige for bringing it up to us. Feedback is appreciated.
  • Your mugshots are no longer cached. That means we got rid of this experience where you uploaded your image and the browser is still displaying the old one until you refreshed the page.
  • Consmetic and layout changes also includes getting rid of some horrible theme patterns that mistakenly got releases, cleaned up the interface within the Edit Guest List module, and took further steps to reduce the height of the page navigation on the left.

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