This week, the Pisa iteration

We worked hard this week to keep things up to par. Here are some new features!

RSVP responses are now editable ~ As the owner of the page, you have the power to edit people’s RSVP responses. This is important for those cases where friends/relatives respond back to your invitation using other means, other than the RSVP slider on the page.

Multiple email addresses in one account ~ Yeah, sounds kinda boring but critical for those who get invited to events by their several email addresses. You can manually add additional ones into your account page. Or when you receive an invite in any one of your other email addresses, you can simply adopt it into your account then.

Auto-complete when inviting your contacts ~ These web two point oh days, you shouldn’t have to pop open a checkbox list and dig anymore. Just start typing a Nickname or Email Address in the guest box and information man will fetch it for you. Easy.

More hooks in the CSS editor ~ This means it’s easier for you to manipulate your page. By that we mean there’s more playtime. It’s worth tweaking your page to perfection cause you can easily clone it an reuse it for future pages.

Fast Safari scrolling! ~ This was a personal pet peeve. When the page gets busy with comments, the scrolling in Safari got really sluggish. After much digging we discovered it had to do with text-opacity. So we turned that off just for Safari and the scroll bar is lube’d up again.

Alert for new photos ~ When a page owner uploads photos to an existing page, you’ll now see a red “X new photos added” flag next to it from your Stuff page.

Plus… a bunch of misc bug fixes that are too many to mention.

131.29 meters


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