What is Crusher anyway?

Well, we’re pretty certain about half of it, and the other half is meant to reveal itself, or evolve (if you aren’t religious), as we go along. We recently updated the welcome page and you’ll notice it isn’t as confusing – we hope, we pray (if you are religious). Some people will be walking in the front door as their first introduction to Crusher, as opposed to being invited, and we weren’t being too clear on what the product is about. We were kinda trying to do too much too soon. So, we’ve decided to simplify simplify simplify and focus mostly on the private invitation side for now. That’s the half that we know about. This way, we can be very clear on the messaging.


Also, rather than just having fake content for sample pages, we went out over the weekend and gathered some real photos and made a video of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K marathon. It was quite a parade. I didn’t realize you could fit so many people in San Francisco. I mean, where did everyone park?


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