The Great Pyramid iteration


To ensure that features always work and that bug fixes stay fixed as we develop and introduce/improve features, we write and run automated software tests. A larger company would have a full QA (quality assurance) team of humans to do this. Since we’re a small crew, we rely on software to do the work. This is still a lot of work for us, but it brings a level of stability to our process and product that we normally wouldn’t have or be able to afford.

We are now nearing the point where the major bugs are killed. And we’ll begin shifting some effort toward establishing content partners and doing promotions (ahem, beyond our friends and family who have gone through the tough bugs).

Below are the most recent fixes:

  • Just because the big day is over doesn’t mean the party has ended. Post-event sharing and follow up can be fun. Soon you’ll be able to allow your guests to post their pictures from the event. For now, we’ve added your most recent events on your Stuff page to alert you of new activity, like comments if any.
  • Importing your address book into Crusher from Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Outlook, or Plaxo now includes the full names of your contacts along with the email address.
  • If you were an invited guest, clicking “Add Photo” next to your canned mugshot led to a broken sign-up flow. This was a horrible bug that we only discovered recently, and is now fixed.
  • Crushing a page by clicking “Crush This” now also carries over configuration settings for the Photostream. So if it was set as a slideshow, your new page will be set to the same.
  • We added a fix that prevents malicious activity through the use of JavaScript within certain HTML tags.
  • When creating a new page or editing a module, the description, video, and custom form fields now allow the full set of HTML tags. The title, location and comment form fields allow a subset that let you insert a link (A tag) and an image (IMG tag).
  • If your event has multiple dates it displayed within directory lists in a weird way. This is now fixed.
  • If someone suggests a song on a page, a text alert now appears on your Stuff page next to that item. If someone comments on your profile page, you will now see a “new!” alert from your Stuff page.
  • We’ve radically simplified the home page, clearer messaging.
  • The add to Google calendar feature was slightly broken when it came to date ranges. That is now fixed.
  • There was a bug where if you added your mobile phone number to the account page but opted out of receiving comments on your phone, you would still receive them. Happy to report this is fixed.
  • If you subscribed to comments on a page which was created anonymously, you weren’t receiving the owner’s comments. Now you are.
  • Logging in from the top global nav now leads to Stuff page.
  • Cleaned up the look and layout of comments a bit.
  • Don’t say “log in to comment” if you can’t.
  • Removing filler HTML text in Custom Module.


Photo by Russell.


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