The 30 Giraffe iteration


The party isn’t over just cause the big day has passed. Guests can now upload their photos from your event! As an organizer of the event, why take on all the burden of documenting? Put some of your friends to work at your party.


The “Crush This” feature is much more apparent now. See the “bottle cap” button on the top right of public events when you are looking at it as a non-owner. This feature is for people who want to organize their own small group of friends to go to your big event – they can click “crush this” and create their own page using yours as a template, carrying over the look and all the core information.

Plus a ton of bug fixes:

  • The music module would appear broken when a certain combination of steps were done. This is now fixed. We have bigger plans for sharing music around events (all legally of course). But for now, we have this simple player.
  • Page “X Visits” counter was only counting visits from other Crusher members. This is now fixed so that it counts all visitors. Crusher pages are getting ranked pretty high in Google searches and such so it’s good to recognize traffic from those channels.
  • Said goodbye to “Your Ad Here” favicon 🙂
  • A bunch of messaging revisions on the Welcome Page to make it clearer what Crusher is about.
  • A bunch of design tweaks to make the left column of a crusher page much more compact so it doesn’t ever end up getting cut off by the browser “fold”.
  • Our servers are in Florida and so it’s running on Eastern Time which was making some of the mailers you get a bit confusing since you receive it a few hours earlier than it is meant to be received. Until we can get time-zones as a feature, we made some changes to the mailer messaging that fixes the issue.
  • There was a weird bug where if you entered in a bunch of email addresses to invite and ended it with a comma, it invited an extra one of your contacts as well. This is now fixed.
  • A fix around detecting the page height and rendering the page.
  • Moved the “Revert CSS” button to a place more out of the way.
  • Cleaned up the overall spacing in the display of a Crusher page so that everything looks better when you make colorful modules.



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