Poll your guests for the best date


Often it’s difficult to find a good (calendar) date for an event. You never know which day would work best with people you want to invite. So we added a new feature – Best Date – which lets you poll guests with several dates before committing to one. From the date module, simply select the optional check box and add additional dates. Your guests will be able to respond to each date. You will see their responses and can select the final date and end the poll.

Second, the feature which lets you notify your guests with important messages now allows you to filter who gets it – just positive responders, just negative responders, or all. This way you can bug one bunch to hurry up and RSVP, and coordinate better with the bunch who are sure to attend.

Aside from these we’ve also introduced some smaller items like Canadian zip code support in accounts, and the “spin” link now alternates with solid colors.


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