Give your guest a face!

You can add pictures to your contacts and control the way your guests appear on your guest list. For example, am I really friends with Christina Ricci, Vincent Gallo, and Micah Laaker? Yes I am but only to one of them. This feature is great for role-playing or themed events, or when you have that relative that just isn’t into the interweb and don’t know how to add their mug. The pictures you upload in your contacts page only appear on pages you create. Your friends and family still get to keep their regular photos everywhere else.



4 Responses to “Give your guest a face!”

  1. That Kid from Omaha Says:

    Unauthorized usage of said friends’ photos, however, may put you on the Enemies List. However, this is a great shot; your usage has been approved post-posting.

  2. jack Says:

    Hi! Nice site!

  3. Marshal Says:

    A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.

  4. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

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