RSVP directly from your email


There’s a good reason why we don’t have our own messaging inbox within Crusher. Part of our philosophy is to have very low-barriers, meaning we want to make it super easy for you to adopt Crusher. For you to fit yet another thing in your already crowded life, it has to be light, compact, quick, unobtrusive, not annoying, and work well with the stuff you already use. For us, this means integrating as best we can with your email.

For example, we send you all the core information about the event in the mailer itself. We don’t force you to have to visit the site just to get this. We don’t do this because we are not driven by ad banners. Besides, when you are on your way to that event and forgot one critical detail, you are likelier to have access to your email in your phone than a browser to look up the web page. In general, the email is just more accessible, portable, shareable.

Yesterday, we deployed some updates that allow you to immediately RSVP by clicking a link in the email invite you receive. It makes it clearer that an RSVP is requested, and prompts you to respond right there. Technically, clicking this still has to open up the Crusher page in a browser. But at least by that time you know you’ve already responded and can ignore the page if you choose to.


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