First-ever view-source advertising


In Crusher, we like pioneering new ways to approach advertising. Crusher moved against the tide by launching a non advertising driven community website in May. We felt that such a model would not have lead us toward having the right user experience. We still proudly waved a banner-free flag over our product. Around the same time, we half-seriously introduced the “First-ever Ajax-safe web advertising” to simply make a point about how page views conflict with where interactivity is headed. Then several weeks ago our trusted friend Crushbot went radical and started one of the first (if not the first) anti-ad-banner Facebook group. This maneuver felt a bit extreme, but certainly in the right spirit. We still love and support Crushbot. In an effort to balance things out, we bring on yet another non-traditional and innovative way to advertise. Introducing the first-ever view-source ad. From the Crusher Website, you will notice a “see ad” link on the top right (way above the fold).


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