Contacts tagging, the short view

Tag your friends: Aside from being able to tag pages we’ve introduced the ability to tag your contacts. Tagging contacts is useful for grouping people, letting you easily invite everyone in a group using a single tag keyword. For example, for my party I can choose to invite all friends tagged “burningman” and not invite all friends tagged “churchchoir” – for obvious reasons, ha ha.

Coming soon: There is also the case where you might want to group your contacts by the events you’ve invited them to. So, within the invitation flow we are adding the ability to add tags right then. If I am having a church chior party on Sunday for the first time and I invite a bunch of people, I can enter the keyword “churchchoir” as I compile all the invitees. When I fire off the invites they all get tagged “churchchoir” in my Contacts list. Next Sunday when I compose my invitation I can just invite the tag “churchchoir”. Simple.

Short view: Another feature related to this that’s worth a mention is the ability to view your Contacts in a shorter list. Click “Short View” at the top of the list and it condenses the display to just the Name, Nickname, and email address (if any). Great for those who have a lot of friends.

Filter by tag: Another way to simplify your view is to click on a tag.


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