A list of crusher NO’s

No annoying ad banners. Your page is your own.

No spamming. We don’t like it either.

No membership required. But it does have benefits.

No fee. Free to use.

No fancy marketing. We rely on word of mouth.

No revenue model (yet). Yeah, we’re working on that.

No social networking angle.

No salary for us. Ugh. See comment on revenue model.


3 Responses to “A list of crusher NO’s”

  1. mahalie Says:

    Well, it’s appreciated. And for what it’s worth, some text ads sure wouldn’t be the end of the world for a free service. Maybe you could work out a plan like flickr where people pay a flat yearly fee for x GB storage or some enhanced features.

  2. Ericson Says:

    Yeah, we aren’t necessarily anti-advertising. We just don’t think a business based on intrusive ad banners, those annoying graphical ones, is aligned with good user experience. We are pro creative non-traditional and authenticity in advertising. Which is why service partnering and content partnering may be the ideal way. And yes, a “plus” version is in the future once we have greater demand for photo sharing bandwidth and perhaps video. Thanks for the response 🙂

  3. Made it like Crusher « Crusher Programatica Says:

    […] site – nothing new. Unless a company/product can follow and stick with this list of “no’s” then I don’t think they’re really […]

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