Protoype and scriptaculous

So apparently it isn’t the new Safari 3 browser that introduced all weirdness. It’s the latest Prototype/Scriptaculous versions too which we use to serve up JavaScript and effects. Either way, Russell and Adrian are working on fixes which we can launch soon, and we’ll take the browser curtain down for Safari 3 users. That’s all scheduled to deploy tomorrow, Wednesday.


2 Responses to “Protoype and scriptaculous”

  1. mct Says:

    Hey guys. What sort of weirdness were you seeing? I’ve been sort of frustrated lately with the relative slowness of scriptaculous’ rendering, vs Interface / jQuery or Moo.

  2. Ericson Says:

    At the time we were seeing some of the ajax break around displaying comments properly, drag and drop, and a couple of other things that we were eventually able to fix. I’ve heard good things about JQuery as well.

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