The story of the tortoise and the hare

If you have a lot of stuff going on, you’ll notice that your Stuff page is much much faster loading now. Russell found a neat way to beat the natural drawbacks of being a Rails app, and it’s sweet. As we approach what we refer to as “game 2”, which is a much larger audience driven by recent efforts to partner with other sites, we will be doing more of this type of performance optimizations.

With our deployment last Wednesday, we did some tweaks to certain areas here and there based on user feedback, so keep sending them. For example, the create flow now has wht we call “ghost users” initially so it’s clear where your guests go and that you should start inviting.

Much of these design changes you may not notice, which means it’s working right 🙂 If done correctly, design gets out of your way and lets you focus on your task at hand – festivities, good times.



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