Add your photo instantly

To further drive the point that no membership is required, we are now letting your guests add their photo (and nickname) instantly right on your event page. This use to require sign-up but now we are making sign-up as a secondary option only – totally not required.

Why such low hurdles?

We don’t define our success by the number of page views because it leads down a path which conflicts with good user experience. This is why we avoided the ad-banner model of monetization. This is what lets us be “ajax”, keeping much of the experience all in one page. We even include all the core info in the invite mailers so you guests aren’t required to visit the site.

We don’t define success by number of members either because a big “sign up required” button before you get to know Crusher is just rude. We believe we offer something much better than the corporate competition, and you’ll see that right away. We want a long term relationship with our users so we make it really easy to adopt us into your already busy life.

Why sign-up ever?

Right now the benefits with sign-up is that you get a “Stuff” page which lets you manage all of your current/past events. Also lets you control notifications via email or SMS. To us, you as a member only means that we can send you a mailer every month that lets you know what we’ve been up to. And even that you can opt out of.

Yeah, we are so low-barrier to a fault 🙂



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