Rich-text Editor

Finally, at long last, we have a rich text editor as part of the Description Module. Why we haven’t had this until now? Hmm, a series of bad decisions. We actually had one back in the beginning but it was such a bad one that we picked to integrate that we ended up prying it back out soon after. But that is all over now. Here, we keep it simple with just a way to format your text better, plus an easy way to turn text into a link.


2 Responses to “Rich-text Editor”

  1. mct Says:

    What rich-text editor did you wind up going with? Looked at the site and the js is a bit compressed/obfuscated.

    I wrestled with this on FoodProof for a while, and spent some time with YUI’s, but came to hate it. Am on TinyMCE now and am loving it.

  2. Ericson Says:

    Mitch, we ended up using NicEdit. I heard there are some open source Movable Type (or another blog engine) that is lightweight and easy to implement as well.

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