Up next: Notification System

What’s been in the works recently is to re-engineer the whole notification system and give users absolute control on what, when, how much to get in their inbox. By default we will have all new users receiving a digest of all activity every 3 days, if any. Today, you get one once a day if there are any activity. That seems to be too much to most people. Especially when the majority of the activity are comments on the page made by people you don’t necessarily know (yet). In contrast, organizers can set it up to where they get immediately emailed (or SMS texted) each time a guest RSVP’s.

You’ll find this in your Account page by Thursday if all goes well.

About yesterday: The site went back up after three hours. Sorry for the down time. Was out of our control. We expect that stuff to be rare since our provider is pretty good about that stuff. 


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