Dear users, we have some known bugs

So our engineering team is away for several days and the last deployment introduced a coupla bugs that can’t get fixed until the team gets back. By team, I mean Russell. He’s in Nicaragua.

BUG #1 – The background image of your page does not show up for you but it does for your guests. Possible remedy for now: Go into your Customize pane and change the background image setting from “None” to “Custom”, then Save.

BUG #2 – Pages which use an older background pattern will break if you try to clone it. This means some of our templates break because some of them use the older background patterns. Possible remedy for now: Go into your Customize pane and pick any of the patterns available (which are new) in order to get rid of the old pattern, then Save.

I apologize for these bumps in the road. Time compression often leaves us forgetting to test some of these use cases before deploying.


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