Invite module updated

A couple of updates have been deployed, interface changes based on feedback from Buster, a user who invited over 4,500 people to an event he is organizing. Whew. Not the typical event size we optimize for so only now dealing with issues around large guest lists.

1) The printable guest list page is much cleaner and now only displays positive responses. Before it used to list everyone you invited, which doesn’t make sense. Now you can easily print a list for the door or as a reference for making name tags for attendees.

Update: Now neatly cut/pastes from the printable list page to an Excel document.

2) We’ve had a feature where you can opt-in to making your event be an open guest list, meaning anyone who you send to the page URL will be able to add themselves to the guest list. I made some changes to make this call-to-action a lot clearer since before it was a mere tiny little link.


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