Big guest lists


I just created this change and deployed it. So let me know if you have a big event, are reading this, and you think it sucks. Basically, now if you invite more than 100 people and chose to display the guest list on the page, it will appear as a text only list – not the tiled image grid.

Reason is: we’ve had people break their pages by inviting hundreds and hundreds to a large event and choosing to display “all guests invited” on the page. This makes the page really heavy, and with that many guests, difficult to visually parse. A text only list loads the page up much faster and sorts it alphabetically so it’s easier to locate people.

There is probably a better way to program this, like having it snap to the list view ONLY if there are more that 100 to display at the time – rather than now, where the rule is strictly if you send out more than 100 invites to the page. Since I’m not a programmer, that update will have to wait a bit.


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