Possibly renaming Crusher?

A user ‘s feedback copied below received through our public Satisfaction forum got me really thinking today about the Crusher domain “crush3r.com”. It’s been a concern in the back of my head for a while. Back in graphic design, you can run your page through a black & white fax machine to get a better sense of the level of clarity in the visual design. Today, I yell out a site’s domain across a crowded bar to get a sense of how well people would retain the address in their memory. If you have a hard time having to spell it out, it’s likely not ideal. Take for example “del.icio.us” before they were able to get “delicious.com”. 

But for anyone out there who’s shopped around lately, you know how impossible it is to find something decent without loads of cash to blow. Still, I went looking for something better. Last week, I got lucky and found p0p.com for sale. Sure it was expensive and it has a number. But it’s a great word, graphically iconic, and heck the “O” is right next to the zero. I proposed we rebrand p0pulist along with the new design we’re about to release. That’s to be decided.

This evening I was using Domainr (a site by the nb.io gents) and after dozens of searches and several email inquiries I found one which I though neat – http://robo.to – as in Mister Roboto. Sure it might still require me to elaborate across a crowded bar, “robo dot tee oh as in mister roboto”, but it looks and feels significantly less obscure and less alienating as”crush3r.com”. Could Roboto be the new Crusher? That is also to be decided. Everything is always clearer after sleeping over it.


Crusher: user-feedback and observations

More of a user-feedback than a question. Excellent user interface, concepts, implementation, etc. – head and shoulders above the rest. That said, I think the one thing that may be retarding your explosion-level growth is your current brand accessibility… or inaccessibility as the case may be. 

The “Crush3r” brand has a very narrow band of the general public that will understand the “l33t” reference. Also, the name… my 5-second impression of “Crusher” is of an elitist designer-centric entity. My finace’s impression is of something between a robot-battle-royal and an ASCII-art party.

Again, wonderful product and I’d like to see you guys succeed.

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