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New artist: Luke Ramsey

March 1, 2008

We are featuring a new artist thanks to Suzanne and The Beholder. Snippits of Luke Ramsey‘s artwork decorate the event pages where users have not uploaded their photo. There are also a ton of smaller tweaks all across the entire site to further refine the UI.   new_artist.jpg 


New featured artist: Warren Dykeman

October 28, 2007

Here’s a screenshot of a guest list where users have no uploaded photos. Our new randomly assigned thumbnails are featuring art by Warren Dykeman courtesy of The Beholder. Thanks Suzanne! We’re very excited to deploy this on Wednesday eve.


New featured artist: Matthew Feyld

August 21, 2007

Our canned mug images introduce a new way at encountering art. Keeping it fresh, we are now featuring a new artist. The bears and pant-less figures are the wonderful art of Matthew Feyld, courtesy of Suzanne and her site, The Beholder. I am certain he is ‘on his way’ so if you’re looking to getting into art collection, get one of his pieces before he blows up bigger than yer budget. Check out his blog for latest stuff.