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Fits in the iPhone again

July 23, 2008

Took a bit of time for me to get to it but I finally fixed the CSS to where Crusher (especially the event page your guests see) is accessible and looks good in the jesus-phone, I mean the iPhone. Editing your page is still limited cause the iPhone can’t do stuff like drag & drop for reordering modules, but this is okay I think. The main use case we want to support is where you as a guest gets an invite in your email or SMS and you choose to visit the page.

I also fixed a few of the themes, just made them look a bit better. And added a “Cola” theme 🙂


Protected: Full-on Crusher!

November 22, 2007

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Discharged captcha shirts

October 30, 2007

We’re pretty happy with the quality. Ape Do Good did a great job with this “discharge” technique which actually pulls the ink off the shirt before the new ink in screened in. It costs us more but what you get is a great quality feeling shirt, doesn’t feel like there’s a plastic layer stuck on your chest. As they say in marketing, get yours today!


Update: We had to take the batch back to Ape Do Good yeasterdayupon discovering a slight issue with the printing. They’ve agreed to redo the whole batch and get it to us by end of week. Sorry for the delays but we want to make sure the shirt is high quality, as promised.

Crusher business cards

October 29, 2007

Spent much of Sunday doing more business card designs. I think we might have some in our hands by Wednesday. So be sure to ask us for one if we bump into each other.


Top Ten Website

October 25, 2007

Crusher is a great service for designers. We were featured on HOW design’s top ten resources for October (top of the list), and I believe we are about to be featured in Communication Arts’ resource section of their print magazine. “Print” meaning the stuff you can read but not click on. Very cool that the design community is recognizing the value in the amount of customization we allow. The event page is completely brand-able, letting you give it your own personal look for your private party, a corporate look for your company event, or a promotional look for your band’s next gig.


Official captcha t-shirt now available

October 3, 2007

Sure we can just make a logo t-shirt like everyone else. But that wouldn’t be in the right spirit of Crusher. Why would you pay us to parade our logo around and give us free billboard advertising? Yes, people still do (like us in the Crusher team, we wear crusher logo shirts). But we’d rather do something more interesting and remarkable for the public. Yes, we want you to spread the word about Crusher. But we also know that word of mouth to and from your friends about something cool is worth much more than invading and imprinting a logo in your peripheral vision. Besides, who doesn’t want to know who out of their friends are robots? Go to the store.


Text in the blurry photo says: PROVE YOU’RE NOT A ROBOT

C her

August 15, 2007

When your Crusher sticker don’t fit on the thing you want to stick it to:


hi-fructose magazine ad

July 20, 2007


The 783 super burrito iteration

June 21, 2007


This was a short week for us but we’ve still accomplished quite a bit.

The most noticeable to the more advanced user would be that you can now upload background images while on Edit CSS mode. What we do is we go ahead and upload the image, then we give you the URL for it which you can insert in the code as you please.

You can now use blank spaces in your user name. No more silly_underscores.

The minimum width of a Crusher page is significantly narrower in further preparation for browsers within small screen devices.

We’ve cleaned up the default categories in the Public Directory preparation for better tagging features in the future.

Facebook user? You can easily share a Crusher page with a handy “Share in Facebook” link.

We’ve made the information in the mailers more digestible.

We’re also doing some big stuff in the back-end around ruby rails decomponentization and such. But that’s all invisible to you.


Stickers, one on the Momo from


May 29, 2007