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A new flow

July 8, 2007


We’re learning about how you use Crusher and we’ve redesigned the main flow significantly. Now, when you create a new page the first step is to enter in the core information about the event. Adding guests you want to invite, along with customization, happens in a second step after you’ve created the page. We did this for several reasons. Mainly because this is what most of you would do anyway. People want to make sure the page is right before they even think about who to invite to it. It makes the initial create page much simpler as well, less modules. And third, where it is now allows us to make it more robust for people, bands, and businesses with large mailing lists.

By the way, SMS notifications were broken for a few days but we fixed it soon as we found out. We apologize for that.


The 783 super burrito iteration

June 21, 2007


This was a short week for us but we’ve still accomplished quite a bit.

The most noticeable to the more advanced user would be that you can now upload background images while on Edit CSS mode. What we do is we go ahead and upload the image, then we give you the URL for it which you can insert in the code as you please.

You can now use blank spaces in your user name. No more silly_underscores.

The minimum width of a Crusher page is significantly narrower in further preparation for browsers within small screen devices.

We’ve cleaned up the default categories in the Public Directory preparation for better tagging features in the future.

Facebook user? You can easily share a Crusher page with a handy “Share in Facebook” link.

We’ve made the information in the mailers more digestible.

We’re also doing some big stuff in the back-end around ruby rails decomponentization and such. But that’s all invisible to you.


Stickers, one on the Momo from

Poll your guests for the best date

June 16, 2007


Often it’s difficult to find a good (calendar) date for an event. You never know which day would work best with people you want to invite. So we added a new feature – Best Date – which lets you poll guests with several dates before committing to one. From the date module, simply select the optional check box and add additional dates. Your guests will be able to respond to each date. You will see their responses and can select the final date and end the poll.

Second, the feature which lets you notify your guests with important messages now allows you to filter who gets it – just positive responders, just negative responders, or all. This way you can bug one bunch to hurry up and RSVP, and coordinate better with the bunch who are sure to attend.

Aside from these we’ve also introduced some smaller items like Canadian zip code support in accounts, and the “spin” link now alternates with solid colors.

Hot cakes iteration – more with photo sharing

June 9, 2007

A bit late posting this but last Wednesday’s push was a sweet one. The week before we introduced a feature that lets your guests upload their photos from your event. On this iteration we’ve revised the way photos are viewed with better slideshows for both Photos and Photostream. Also, your guests can now do fun bubble gum comments per photo.

We fixed less bugs in the last iteration meaning we’re getting to a much more stable place, hopefully. Soon we can focus more on just enhancing existing features and introduce new stuff. Next up we’re working on ways to make a Crusher page more collaborative and interactive for you and your guests.

The 30 Giraffe iteration

May 31, 2007


The party isn’t over just cause the big day has passed. Guests can now upload their photos from your event! As an organizer of the event, why take on all the burden of documenting? Put some of your friends to work at your party.


The “Crush This” feature is much more apparent now. See the “bottle cap” button on the top right of public events when you are looking at it as a non-owner. This feature is for people who want to organize their own small group of friends to go to your big event – they can click “crush this” and create their own page using yours as a template, carrying over the look and all the core information.

Plus a ton of bug fixes:

  • The music module would appear broken when a certain combination of steps were done. This is now fixed. We have bigger plans for sharing music around events (all legally of course). But for now, we have this simple player.
  • Page “X Visits” counter was only counting visits from other Crusher members. This is now fixed so that it counts all visitors. Crusher pages are getting ranked pretty high in Google searches and such so it’s good to recognize traffic from those channels.
  • Said goodbye to “Your Ad Here” favicon 🙂
  • A bunch of messaging revisions on the Welcome Page to make it clearer what Crusher is about.
  • A bunch of design tweaks to make the left column of a crusher page much more compact so it doesn’t ever end up getting cut off by the browser “fold”.
  • Our servers are in Florida and so it’s running on Eastern Time which was making some of the mailers you get a bit confusing since you receive it a few hours earlier than it is meant to be received. Until we can get time-zones as a feature, we made some changes to the mailer messaging that fixes the issue.
  • There was a weird bug where if you entered in a bunch of email addresses to invite and ended it with a comma, it invited an extra one of your contacts as well. This is now fixed.
  • A fix around detecting the page height and rendering the page.
  • Moved the “Revert CSS” button to a place more out of the way.
  • Cleaned up the overall spacing in the display of a Crusher page so that everything looks better when you make colorful modules.


The Great Pyramid iteration

May 23, 2007


To ensure that features always work and that bug fixes stay fixed as we develop and introduce/improve features, we write and run automated software tests. A larger company would have a full QA (quality assurance) team of humans to do this. Since we’re a small crew, we rely on software to do the work. This is still a lot of work for us, but it brings a level of stability to our process and product that we normally wouldn’t have or be able to afford.

We are now nearing the point where the major bugs are killed. And we’ll begin shifting some effort toward establishing content partners and doing promotions (ahem, beyond our friends and family who have gone through the tough bugs).

Below are the most recent fixes:

  • Just because the big day is over doesn’t mean the party has ended. Post-event sharing and follow up can be fun. Soon you’ll be able to allow your guests to post their pictures from the event. For now, we’ve added your most recent events on your Stuff page to alert you of new activity, like comments if any.
  • Importing your address book into Crusher from Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Outlook, or Plaxo now includes the full names of your contacts along with the email address.
  • If you were an invited guest, clicking “Add Photo” next to your canned mugshot led to a broken sign-up flow. This was a horrible bug that we only discovered recently, and is now fixed.
  • Crushing a page by clicking “Crush This” now also carries over configuration settings for the Photostream. So if it was set as a slideshow, your new page will be set to the same.
  • We added a fix that prevents malicious activity through the use of JavaScript within certain HTML tags.
  • When creating a new page or editing a module, the description, video, and custom form fields now allow the full set of HTML tags. The title, location and comment form fields allow a subset that let you insert a link (A tag) and an image (IMG tag).
  • If your event has multiple dates it displayed within directory lists in a weird way. This is now fixed.
  • If someone suggests a song on a page, a text alert now appears on your Stuff page next to that item. If someone comments on your profile page, you will now see a “new!” alert from your Stuff page.
  • We’ve radically simplified the home page, clearer messaging.
  • The add to Google calendar feature was slightly broken when it came to date ranges. That is now fixed.
  • There was a bug where if you added your mobile phone number to the account page but opted out of receiving comments on your phone, you would still receive them. Happy to report this is fixed.
  • If you subscribed to comments on a page which was created anonymously, you weren’t receiving the owner’s comments. Now you are.
  • Logging in from the top global nav now leads to Stuff page.
  • Cleaned up the look and layout of comments a bit.
  • Don’t say “log in to comment” if you can’t.
  • Removing filler HTML text in Custom Module.


Photo by Russell.

This week, the Pisa iteration

May 17, 2007

We worked hard this week to keep things up to par. Here are some new features!

RSVP responses are now editable ~ As the owner of the page, you have the power to edit people’s RSVP responses. This is important for those cases where friends/relatives respond back to your invitation using other means, other than the RSVP slider on the page.

Multiple email addresses in one account ~ Yeah, sounds kinda boring but critical for those who get invited to events by their several email addresses. You can manually add additional ones into your account page. Or when you receive an invite in any one of your other email addresses, you can simply adopt it into your account then.

Auto-complete when inviting your contacts ~ These web two point oh days, you shouldn’t have to pop open a checkbox list and dig anymore. Just start typing a Nickname or Email Address in the guest box and information man will fetch it for you. Easy.

More hooks in the CSS editor ~ This means it’s easier for you to manipulate your page. By that we mean there’s more playtime. It’s worth tweaking your page to perfection cause you can easily clone it an reuse it for future pages.

Fast Safari scrolling! ~ This was a personal pet peeve. When the page gets busy with comments, the scrolling in Safari got really sluggish. After much digging we discovered it had to do with text-opacity. So we turned that off just for Safari and the scroll bar is lube’d up again.

Alert for new photos ~ When a page owner uploads photos to an existing page, you’ll now see a red “X new photos added” flag next to it from your Stuff page.

Plus… a bunch of misc bug fixes that are too many to mention.

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Mailer Mugshot Stars

May 11, 2007


Misc. changes we released this morning:

  • Your mug wasn’t showing up right in the mailer when you invite other people to an event you were invited to. This is now fixed. Clicking “invite others” on an event (if you are allowed to by the Organizer) lets invite other people and add them to the guest list. You can add your own personal message and the mailer they receive comes from you with your name on it and now, your mug as well. That is, if you are a member and we have your mug. The image above is an example.
  • Account password fields now have stars in them. Before, even though you already have a password, the fields appeared blank. This was misleading, and some people thought they had to enter them again.
  • Added some missing commas in the RSVP module where we say “Thanks for your respose, Rory”. Such a minor fix but wanted to thank Paige for bringing it up to us. Feedback is appreciated.
  • Your mugshots are no longer cached. That means we got rid of this experience where you uploaded your image and the browser is still displaying the old one until you refreshed the page.
  • Consmetic and layout changes also includes getting rid of some horrible theme patterns that mistakenly got releases, cleaned up the interface within the Edit Guest List module, and took further steps to reduce the height of the page navigation on the left.

Untitled Bubblegum Not Me

May 9, 2007

Pushed some more misc. changes last night.

  • Bubblegum comments you post on your friends profile appears with a “(x)” link that lets you or your friend (who’s profile it is) remove the comment. Clicking this deletes the comment, and there is no way to get it back, so we added an “Are you sure… ?” prompt. Whew! Never lose a bubblegum comment again. To see your friends profile, click on their name or picture.
  • Not me, not you? In the course of RSVP’ng, some of you ran across the “not me” link on the page and were confused. Because you are you. This was there to handle the case where your friend mistakenly forwards you their special URL to the page that contains a certain key that identifies them. And you are not your friend. We’ve updated it to not get in the way of that flow as much and made the language a bit clearer.
  • A title is required with each page you create. Ugh, requirements, you say. But it makes sense cause we need a way of referring to it. If you were born and weren’t given a name you’d hate it too. So we pre-fill the Title module with “Untitled” and expect you to enter your own. We just made it a bit kinder to where the pre-fill goes away when you click within the field and comes back when you leave it blank. Nice.

Updates and bug fixes

May 8, 2007


First Monday after the quiet release and we’re busy planning our next move. We’re getting some feedback from friends as well, so we also went ahead and terminated a big bug and improved a feature here and there.

  • Trouble adding a photo of yourself? Uploading an image was working fine. But clicking “Save…” on the Accounts page was overwriting the image you just uploaded with one of the random ones we have. This was confusing. This “whomping” of your image also happened when you started to create a page anonymously (logged out) and signed it in during saving. This is fixed. Thanks to Paige for reporting it.
  • Add links in your comments. We added the “A” tag to the white list of allowed HTML for comments so now you can post a link.
  • Forgot your password? Resetting your forgotten password works great. We were missing a dialog page which simply asks you to go check your email for the password reset link. The flow was broken and is now fixed.

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