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I <3 Crusher

January 23, 2008

We recently introduced a “I heart Crusher” page which lists out all the stuff someone can do to help Crusher if they are inclined to do so. Works well so far, people have contacted us requesting to become event bloggers,  some requesting postcards that they can help distribute.


‘Cot damn, that’s a good Crusher

August 2, 2007

It’s Thursday and once again we’ve deployed a new set of good stuff. The past few weekly iterations in July have been themed “BTO” where we held off from introducing new major features and focused on bugs + tests + optimization. During that, we’ve upgraded our RoR to the latest version (edge rails, as Doug and Russell call it); the site is now 10x faster in most pages and can handle thousands of items such as contacts; we’re using something called fixtures to create better Selenium tests for everything we build; and we polished off existing features such as now being able to remove comments without refreshing the page, ability to remove an email address from your account, and automatically converting images to jpeg format when you try to upload a tiff file. Overall, we aimed for performance and quality.

We added the dashboard on your Stuff page last week which keeps track of all activities related to you, pictured below. This just got enhanced to completely track all activity (such as photo uploads, comments, RSVP’s) within your events and events you have been invited to. You will now also be alerted if people in your contacts list creates a new public event page (for those of you who know some event bloggers or promoters). We summarize them all neatly so you don’t get barraged with a super long list.


Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and still introduced some new features. We want to deal with apprehensions you might have around putting on an event, like when you are about to fire off an invite to all 75 of your friends you wonder what exactly they will get. You can now preview what your invitation will look like, just as you can preview what your page looks like to your guests. Wow!


Other news: Our featured artist is having many shows, one nearby; Russell and Doug have started a product blog “CrusherDev” that will be focused on RoR development and all the technical stuff related to that.

High Google ranking of public pages

July 29, 2007

There’s generally two sides to Crusher. There’s the private events side, which is where we’ve focused most of the energy of our small team. Then there’s the public events side, pages made public by adding to Crusher’s Public Directory. Currently, this directory is mostly empty. We’ve been actively talking with some businesses, promoters, event bloggers, and such, about how publishing their events via Crusher could be better than what they’re currently doing. We’re learning. And the real idea behind the public directory is becoming pretty exciting.

One thing that we’ve succeeded in so far is in how published public Crusher pages rank in Google’s search results. Searching for “gnome trouble” or “dilettantes record release” puts crusher high up on the first page. Sweeet. Certainly a great incentive for event bloggers to publish in Crusher.