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Up next: Notification System

May 21, 2008

What’s been in the works recently is to re-engineer the whole notification system and give users absolute control on what, when, how much to get in their inbox. By default we will have all new users receiving a digest of all activity every 3 days, if any. Today, you get one once a day if there are any activity. That seems to be too much to most people. Especially when the majority of the activity are comments on the page made by people you don’t necessarily know (yet). In contrast, organizers can set it up to where they get immediately emailed (or SMS texted) each time a guest RSVP’s.

You’ll find this in your Account page by Thursday if all goes well.

About yesterday: The site went back up after three hours. Sorry for the down time. Was out of our control. We expect that stuff to be rare since our provider is pretty good about that stuff. 


Rich-text Editor

April 26, 2008

Finally, at long last, we have a rich text editor as part of the Description Module. Why we haven’t had this until now? Hmm, a series of bad decisions. We actually had one back in the beginning but it was such a bad one that we picked to integrate that we ended up prying it back out soon after. But that is all over now. Here, we keep it simple with just a way to format your text better, plus an easy way to turn text into a link.

Theme preview on hover

April 4, 2008

Here’s a first step in improving the flow for picking a theme or template to use in creating your page. Hovering over the swatch now shows you a preview image of what the page looks like. Simply click to create the page. From any page you create, you can customize it and change everything entirely. If you don’t like your page, there is a “Delete” option at the bottom of every page.theme_preview.jpg 

Prettier guest module for Wednesday push

March 3, 2008

Looking better means being more usable. Refined some affordances around the RSVP slider, which is unique to Crusher. This makes it much more obvious what to do. Second, the tiled wall of guests are cleaner looking, and easier to see who’s positively RSVP’d and who isn’t. I am thinking that perhaps by default only positives will get a “hello sticker” (pink box). This will help with the distinction and makes sense cause you’d want to read about those who you are (might be) meeting at the event.

Chat module now here!

March 2, 2008

The Crusher chat module lets you communicate with your guests as they enter the event page. Ideal for those who can’t physically make it to the event. Pair it up with a live webcam broadcast of the party by embedding a live stream using or mogulus. Give it a try on your next event.  chat_mod.jpg 

Real-time stuff coming soon!

February 15, 2008

We are planning to do more stuff around real-time interaction. We’d like to allow event organizers the ability to let their guests interact or participate to an extent even if they aren’t present at the event. Two things are:

1. Live video streaming. We will make sure embed codes from services like Mogulus and Ustream are working well in our video module. Right now we are stripping off certain tags which are necessary. We will stop stripping.

2. Chat module. We are all about integrating existing services that are good rather than building everything from scratch. We’ve wanted to have a chat module for a while but we haven’t found a good service to use – our standards get in the way. Now we think we have found a great company to work with. More soon.

Also, added a new template for St. Patrick’s Day:


Live video for your event

January 4, 2008

You can broadcast a live video feed of your event/party on your Crusher page. Just tried this out via and it works great. You’d need to setup your broadcast there and embed your video feed code into the Crusher page using our Video module.


Add your own photo to your contacts

December 18, 2007

Here is a neat feature for themed parties. As how Doug did it for his private event pictured below, he gave his friends within his Contacts page their own cartoon character mugs – relevant to the theme of his event and looks great on the page he designed.

We want to give the organizer total control of the look of the page. But we also want to preserve the identity of the guest. So recently, we updated this feature to where if you are on the event page, mousing over the mugs reveal the persons real photo.


Add your photo instantly

December 17, 2007

To further drive the point that no membership is required, we are now letting your guests add their photo (and nickname) instantly right on your event page. This use to require sign-up but now we are making sign-up as a secondary option only – totally not required.

Why such low hurdles?

We don’t define our success by the number of page views because it leads down a path which conflicts with good user experience. This is why we avoided the ad-banner model of monetization. This is what lets us be “ajax”, keeping much of the experience all in one page. We even include all the core info in the invite mailers so you guests aren’t required to visit the site.

We don’t define success by number of members either because a big “sign up required” button before you get to know Crusher is just rude. We believe we offer something much better than the corporate competition, and you’ll see that right away. We want a long term relationship with our users so we make it really easy to adopt us into your already busy life.

Why sign-up ever?

Right now the benefits with sign-up is that you get a “Stuff” page which lets you manage all of your current/past events. Also lets you control notifications via email or SMS. To us, you as a member only means that we can send you a mailer every month that lets you know what we’ve been up to. And even that you can opt out of.

Yeah, we are so low-barrier to a fault 🙂


New stuff coming up soon… link maker!

December 11, 2007

We’ve been working on something that would let people make better use of Crusher for their own audience – whether you are a band, you run a blog, you run a venue, whichever. The idea is pretty simple:

Add a link to your site or blog. Let your visitors make event invites from your site using a template that you customize to your brand or style.

First, create a Crusher event page like normal. Customize the look, add your logo. Now you have a template.

Second, add a link to your site that says something like “Invite my friends to this!” using the URL we provide.

Your visitor clicks it and they easily create an invite to send to their friends. Their event page is pre-filled with the critical info and completely themed with your brand. If they choose to, they edit and personalize it further.