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Next up: City!

September 12, 2007

In our next deployment, which is scheduled for tomorrow, we have a pretty significant update that allows you to enter your location by choosing a country and city. No longer limited to US zip codes like we do now. Along with this we will be able to tell what time-zone you are in. So when you look at your upcoming shows from California it will no longer be displaying in Florida time. Florida is where our physical servers are, I hear.


April 30, 2007

When Adrian walked in with this tonight, I wasn’t sure if he muttered that he got this bottle in France or that he’s had it in his Fridge for a very long time. No matter! Either way, a very nice move. We’ll pop it open when we humbly release the beta this week.



March 21, 2007

A second group dinner, as always, partners are included. Bring’em if you got’em! Doug brought Kristen, Phillip brought Rachel, Adrian brought Liz.