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I <3 Crusher

January 23, 2008

We recently introduced a “I heart Crusher” page which lists out all the stuff someone can do to help Crusher if they are inclined to do so. Works well so far, people have contacted us requesting to become event bloggers,  some requesting postcards that they can help distribute.


Crusher evangelists

November 24, 2007

Some of our schwag has made it to the UK, and back to us in Flickr. Nice. Good luck in getting one of those stickers on the Big Ben, er something just as famous (:


C her

August 15, 2007

When your Crusher sticker don’t fit on the thing you want to stick it to:


Take a break from that day-job. Join Crusher.

July 19, 2007


See job page. Pass it on.

We’re looking to add two programmers to the team who can cover the basics of RoR (Prototype/Scriptaculous/Javascript, CSS, HTML a plus)

Give your guest a face!

June 28, 2007

You can add pictures to your contacts and control the way your guests appear on your guest list. For example, am I really friends with Christina Ricci, Vincent Gallo, and Micah Laaker? Yes I am but only to one of them. This feature is great for role-playing or themed events, or when you have that relative that just isn’t into the interweb and don’t know how to add their mug. The pictures you upload in your contacts page only appear on pages you create. Your friends and family still get to keep their regular photos everywhere else.


Crushbot vents distaste, starts facebook group

June 18, 2007

Join Crushbot in his efforts for a banner-free world. Join his facebook group called “Hey dumbass, nobody likes ad banners!”


Meet Crushbot…

June 10, 2007

Hello everyone. Meet Crushbot. He/she/it may look much like something you’d find when you open up the back of your television, or iPod (maybe), but in this case, something else. If you see him/her/it on your page, be not afraid. He/she/it is our agent.

Welcome, Russell

May 9, 2007

Welcome Russell (not Russ), who just joined the group. Here he is on his first day hitting the ground barefoot and running.


We’re still working out the desk situation in my living room. Rearranging a bit to make room, getting away from the sweltering heat that San Francisco is so famous for.

Almost There

April 20, 2007


We’re just around the corner of the beta launch. Some recent happenings: We’ve been doing some harsh editing on the ticket list (to do list) and re prioritizing certain bugs and features for “later”. We’re looking to make our bug tracker public so you can participate in the experience if you like. Doug figured out how to cache our JavaScript in the apache server so the site is “nine times faster”. He’s also put in the order for the big servers at Rails Machine, we expect a gradual growth but we’ll need them. We’ve been interviewing some brave local programmers who don’t like the regular paycheck, who takes risks – as Ben Afleck said, “it isn’t brave unless you’re scared,” so what are you waiting for? We need to fill a couple of positions so Phillip can get off the programming wagon and focus on some businessy stuff. Oh, also thinking about having a private wrap party. Whew.

Want to be a friend of Crusher? Get your very own Crusher shirt! For now, skip us and go directly to My Trick Pony in SF and ask them to make you one. You can choose the shirt at the store, and the color combination you prefer. The price depends on the garment and we don’t get a cut so you’ll pay what we would pay.

Launch, Lunch?

March 29, 2007

We are putting in more office days and energy for these last few weeks before launch. And the tough question each day of where to go for lunch gets tougher, as evident on Doug’s face (right). Thus, Adrian (left, a friend of Crusher) drops by to assist with such decisions.