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Live video for your event

January 4, 2008

You can broadcast a live video feed of your event/party on your Crusher page. Just tried this out via and it works great. You’d need to setup your broadcast there and embed your video feed code into the Crusher page using our Video module.



Full-on Crusher!

January 1, 2008

After 8 months in beta (and for a second time) we are dropping the “beta” label off from Crusher. I believe we’ve reached the goals we’ve set to be able to do this. Those goals are mostly around completing a feature set, having a stable product and deployment process, and earning a bit of revenue. Congratulations to Russell and Phillip. And of course also to Doug, Adrian, and Bob who had significant roles in getting Crusher off the ground originally.

Below is a rough sketch of Crusher before it went onto code, back when it was code named “Pamphleteer”. Wow, it has come a long way.


Communication Arts recommends crusher

December 19, 2007

Of course, technically Crusher is not a social networking app, but.. details (: comm_arts_page.jpg

2nd Crusher holiday dinner

December 16, 2007


…at Little Star in the Mission.

New stuff coming up soon… link maker!

December 11, 2007

We’ve been working on something that would let people make better use of Crusher for their own audience – whether you are a band, you run a blog, you run a venue, whichever. The idea is pretty simple:

Add a link to your site or blog. Let your visitors make event invites from your site using a template that you customize to your brand or style.

First, create a Crusher event page like normal. Customize the look, add your logo. Now you have a template.

Second, add a link to your site that says something like “Invite my friends to this!” using the URL we provide.

Your visitor clicks it and they easily create an invite to send to their friends. Their event page is pre-filled with the critical info and completely themed with your brand. If they choose to, they edit and personalize it further.


Move almost done

November 6, 2007

We’ve been working this past week on migrating to the new servers. Actually, Russell is doing most of it. With some help from Doug. We’re scheduled to take the site down at midnight for a bit and do the transfer. After this, the site will be much faster and more reliable. Hopefully, zero downtime.

The shirts have also shipped. Hope you like them. So far, people do.


A crusher sticker on a bicycle rack looks hot.


October 18, 2007


Mailing out postcards to people who want to help us spread the good word. Email us if you’d like some at… info at crush3r dot com.

Official captcha t-shirt now available

October 3, 2007

Sure we can just make a logo t-shirt like everyone else. But that wouldn’t be in the right spirit of Crusher. Why would you pay us to parade our logo around and give us free billboard advertising? Yes, people still do (like us in the Crusher team, we wear crusher logo shirts). But we’d rather do something more interesting and remarkable for the public. Yes, we want you to spread the word about Crusher. But we also know that word of mouth to and from your friends about something cool is worth much more than invading and imprinting a logo in your peripheral vision. Besides, who doesn’t want to know who out of their friends are robots? Go to the store.


Text in the blurry photo says: PROVE YOU’RE NOT A ROBOT

Doug farewell

October 1, 2007

After a full year in Crusher and logging countless hours working standing up, HAML conversions, and indian food, Doug sets off for a new adventure in the east bay. Crusher wouldn’t have become what it is now (in a positive sense) without Doug, no doubt about it. Crusher may not have existed at all – that would suck. Thanks a lot Doug. So long Doug.


Faster faster

September 28, 2007

We had another successful deployment today. Lots of little enhancements focusing on making existing features better. Most significantly are performance improvements. Try puling up any of the heftier pages in Crusher like a big event page, a Contacts page with tons of friends, or your busy Stuff page. It all loads really fast, wow! For more details on how, see what Russell says.

Also, the raven locked the top bolt on the Crusher Officina door while we were out for lunch.