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Full-on Crusher!

January 1, 2008

After 8 months in beta (and for a second time) we are dropping the “beta” label off from Crusher. I believe we’ve reached the goals we’ve set to be able to do this. Those goals are mostly around completing a feature set, having a stable product and deployment process, and earning a bit of revenue. Congratulations to Russell and Phillip. And of course also to Doug, Adrian, and Bob who had significant roles in getting Crusher off the ground originally.

Below is a rough sketch of Crusher before it went onto code, back when it was code named “Pamphleteer”. Wow, it has come a long way.



Crusher used by FOX to extend their site

December 20, 2007

There is a more official press release here… launched its Terminator Premiere site today and you will see an “Invite people to watch” link next to the mechanical boobs (pictured below).

Crusher is great for extending a site’s functionality with an invitation service that is completely brand immersed. If you didn’t know Crusher you might not even know it’s us. Oh, and this officially no longer makes us “pre-revenue”. Sweet (:


Add your photo instantly

December 17, 2007

To further drive the point that no membership is required, we are now letting your guests add their photo (and nickname) instantly right on your event page. This use to require sign-up but now we are making sign-up as a secondary option only – totally not required.

Why such low hurdles?

We don’t define our success by the number of page views because it leads down a path which conflicts with good user experience. This is why we avoided the ad-banner model of monetization. This is what lets us be “ajax”, keeping much of the experience all in one page. We even include all the core info in the invite mailers so you guests aren’t required to visit the site.

We don’t define success by number of members either because a big “sign up required” button before you get to know Crusher is just rude. We believe we offer something much better than the corporate competition, and you’ll see that right away. We want a long term relationship with our users so we make it really easy to adopt us into your already busy life.

Why sign-up ever?

Right now the benefits with sign-up is that you get a “Stuff” page which lets you manage all of your current/past events. Also lets you control notifications via email or SMS. To us, you as a member only means that we can send you a mailer every month that lets you know what we’ve been up to. And even that you can opt out of.

Yeah, we are so low-barrier to a fault 🙂


Crusher upgrades to a new home (soon!)

October 31, 2007

We will soon be completely transferred to a new host, Engine Yard. By tomorrow. It costs three times as much as what we have now, but there are plenty of benefits. Like 24hour support, faster performance you can feel, 0 downtime, and technical stuff I can’t explain. I just know that if we ever get a huge surge of traffic, our users won’t feel a thing. In other words, success is painless rather than painful.

Speaking of huge surges in traffic, it’s amazing how lots of event-related sites that aren’t very noteworthy seem to make it to TechCrunch and we haven’t. Even downright bad ones. We primarily rely on word of mouth from actual users to market Crusher, but it would be nice to be recognized in the tech community.

By end of today we should also be deploying our next release which bring us up to the latest version or RoR, or “EdgeRails“. Wow we’re cool 🙂


A list of crusher NO’s

October 8, 2007

No annoying ad banners. Your page is your own.

No spamming. We don’t like it either.

No membership required. But it does have benefits.

No fee. Free to use.

No fancy marketing. We rely on word of mouth.

No revenue model (yet). Yeah, we’re working on that.

No social networking angle.

No salary for us. Ugh. See comment on revenue model.

What is Crusher anyway?

May 22, 2007

Well, we’re pretty certain about half of it, and the other half is meant to reveal itself, or evolve (if you aren’t religious), as we go along. We recently updated the welcome page and you’ll notice it isn’t as confusing – we hope, we pray (if you are religious). Some people will be walking in the front door as their first introduction to Crusher, as opposed to being invited, and we weren’t being too clear on what the product is about. We were kinda trying to do too much too soon. So, we’ve decided to simplify simplify simplify and focus mostly on the private invitation side for now. That’s the half that we know about. This way, we can be very clear on the messaging.


Also, rather than just having fake content for sample pages, we went out over the weekend and gathered some real photos and made a video of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K marathon. It was quite a parade. I didn’t realize you could fit so many people in San Francisco. I mean, where did everyone park?