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We’re there, try it out

November 7, 2007

We shut the site down at midnight last night for maybe a half hour to an hour and it awoke in its new home. If only we had those humming server boxes here at the office, we can put stuff over it and take pictures with it.

We’ve also made some fairly noticeable UI changes to make stuff more discoverable. Thanks to Jenny for the feedback that led to this.



Move almost done

November 6, 2007

We’ve been working this past week on migrating to the new servers. Actually, Russell is doing most of it. With some help from Doug. We’re scheduled to take the site down at midnight for a bit and do the transfer. After this, the site will be much faster and more reliable. Hopefully, zero downtime.

The shirts have also shipped. Hope you like them. So far, people do.


A crusher sticker on a bicycle rack looks hot.

Faster faster

September 28, 2007

We had another successful deployment today. Lots of little enhancements focusing on making existing features better. Most significantly are performance improvements. Try puling up any of the heftier pages in Crusher like a big event page, a Contacts page with tons of friends, or your busy Stuff page. It all loads really fast, wow! For more details on how, see what Russell says.

Also, the raven locked the top bolt on the Crusher Officina door while we were out for lunch.


Take a break from that day-job. Join Crusher.

July 19, 2007


See job page. Pass it on.

We’re looking to add two programmers to the team who can cover the basics of RoR (Prototype/Scriptaculous/Javascript, CSS, HTML a plus)

Welcome, Russell

May 9, 2007

Welcome Russell (not Russ), who just joined the group. Here he is on his first day hitting the ground barefoot and running.


We’re still working out the desk situation in my living room. Rearranging a bit to make room, getting away from the sweltering heat that San Francisco is so famous for.

Seeking Ruby Rails Programmer

April 3, 2007

We’re looking for you! If not, maybe someone you might know. Perhaps a friend of your friend. Or a myspace friend. Someone. Please forward…

Job Posting: We are an easy going 3.5 person skeleton crew start-up looking for rockstar ruby coder to join the group part or full time. Crusher is a small agile group of designer/programmers putting together a cool web app around event publishing. We’re now just weeks away from a beta launch and could use your help. Product is feature-lean, has been in development for 6 months. We haven’t sought funding yet, going at it with no budget (Cecil B Demented style) so offering nice equity NOW. We work out of a live/work space, at times from home, but expecting to eventually get a space.

If you are at that point where you can live off a bit of savings and are looking to work on making something more fun and awesome, we’ve got a stage for you. You must be proficient in ruby/rails and able to work locally in San Francisco. Love for sushi a plus. Contact us at