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Contest coming soon

January 10, 2008

So I am putting together a contest that we might do to promote video-invites. These aren’t common yet, but Crusher is ideal for it, and you know it will be here soon. So we want to get it started in Crusher now. We are going to give away a thousand bucks to the best video-invite submitted by Feb. 29th. The requirements are very loose. We’ll post them as we get them. As part of it, I’ve redesigned the home page a bit to accommodate the promo link. We’ll try to deploy this soon as we iron out the details.



Holiday themes coming (very) soon

November 15, 2007

So we’ve recently fixed a bunch of stuff in the ‘create new’ and ‘template’ flow, making things clearer and (hopefully) easier to use – than it already is 🙂 We’ve also tweaked the existing small list of themes, just now finding the time to make them better, and really excited about making new ones. I’ll post them here as they go live.

Russell is busy optimizing the site performance. Phillip is busy trying to get the word out about us to blogs. I’m wondering why sites like this get big tech industry press and we don’t. People tell me you have to “know someone”. Ugh, I’d appreciate even a bad review of Crusher cause consumers will decide for themselves 🙂


October 18, 2007


Mailing out postcards to people who want to help us spread the good word. Email us if you’d like some at… info at crush3r dot com.

Made it like Crusher

October 17, 2007

By the look of this video, is trying to do the Crusher model (they started in 2007). Counting silhouettes, they have us outnumbered. By the production value of the flick, likely out budgeted 🙂 ha ha. However, they are doing something Crusher has avoided since day one, being yet another social networking site – nothing new. Unless a company/product can follow and stick with this list of “no’s” then (for good or for bad) I don’t think they’re really competing with us.

Web 2.0 is __________

October 11, 2007

So I was at the cafe this morning and saw a guy wearing a shirt with the statement above. I was thinking that we at Crusher never really used that term nor do we even think of our product as that, though much press has pointed out that we are that. There are many ways to define that buzz word and there isn’t a single clear definition, then again who cares? But to the list I would throw out there one attribute, that a web 2.0 site is unhindered by the old ad banner model, and no longer recognizes the concept of a website to be of “web pages”.


Postcard #2 printed

September 25, 2007

First-ever view-source advertising

August 9, 2007


In Crusher, we like pioneering new ways to approach advertising. Crusher moved against the tide by launching a non advertising driven community website in May. We felt that such a model would not have lead us toward having the right user experience. We still proudly waved a banner-free flag over our product. Around the same time, we half-seriously introduced the “First-ever Ajax-safe web advertising” to simply make a point about how page views conflict with where interactivity is headed. Then several weeks ago our trusted friend Crushbot went radical and started one of the first (if not the first) anti-ad-banner Facebook group. This maneuver felt a bit extreme, but certainly in the right spirit. We still love and support Crushbot. In an effort to balance things out, we bring on yet another non-traditional and innovative way to advertise. Introducing the first-ever view-source ad. From the Crusher Website, you will notice a “see ad” link on the top right (way above the fold).

hi-fructose magazine ad

July 20, 2007


The 783 super burrito iteration

June 21, 2007


This was a short week for us but we’ve still accomplished quite a bit.

The most noticeable to the more advanced user would be that you can now upload background images while on Edit CSS mode. What we do is we go ahead and upload the image, then we give you the URL for it which you can insert in the code as you please.

You can now use blank spaces in your user name. No more silly_underscores.

The minimum width of a Crusher page is significantly narrower in further preparation for browsers within small screen devices.

We’ve cleaned up the default categories in the Public Directory preparation for better tagging features in the future.

Facebook user? You can easily share a Crusher page with a handy “Share in Facebook” link.

We’ve made the information in the mailers more digestible.

We’re also doing some big stuff in the back-end around ruby rails decomponentization and such. But that’s all invisible to you.


Stickers, one on the Momo from

Crushbot vents distaste, starts facebook group

June 18, 2007

Join Crushbot in his efforts for a banner-free world. Join his facebook group called “Hey dumbass, nobody likes ad banners!”