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Crusher upgrades to a new home (soon!)

October 31, 2007

We will soon be completely transferred to a new host, Engine Yard. By tomorrow. It costs three times as much as what we have now, but there are plenty of benefits. Like 24hour support, faster performance you can feel, 0 downtime, and technical stuff I can’t explain. I just know that if we ever get a huge surge of traffic, our users won’t feel a thing. In other words, success is painless rather than painful.

Speaking of huge surges in traffic, it’s amazing how lots of event-related sites that aren’t very noteworthy seem to make it to TechCrunch and we haven’t. Even downright bad ones. We primarily rely on word of mouth from actual users to market Crusher, but it would be nice to be recognized in the tech community.

By end of today we should also be deploying our next release which bring us up to the latest version or RoR, or “EdgeRails“. Wow we’re cool 🙂



Take a break from that day-job. Join Crusher.

July 19, 2007


See job page. Pass it on.

We’re looking to add two programmers to the team who can cover the basics of RoR (Prototype/Scriptaculous/Javascript, CSS, HTML a plus)

Seeking Ruby Rails Programmer

April 3, 2007

We’re looking for you! If not, maybe someone you might know. Perhaps a friend of your friend. Or a myspace friend. Someone. Please forward…

Job Posting: We are an easy going 3.5 person skeleton crew start-up looking for rockstar ruby coder to join the group part or full time. Crusher is a small agile group of designer/programmers putting together a cool web app around event publishing. We’re now just weeks away from a beta launch and could use your help. Product is feature-lean, has been in development for 6 months. We haven’t sought funding yet, going at it with no budget (Cecil B Demented style) so offering nice equity NOW. We work out of a live/work space, at times from home, but expecting to eventually get a space.

If you are at that point where you can live off a bit of savings and are looking to work on making something more fun and awesome, we’ve got a stage for you. You must be proficient in ruby/rails and able to work locally in San Francisco. Love for sushi a plus. Contact us at



February 18, 2007


Early December, Doug sprinkles unholy tap-water over Phillip who I recently awarded his own official (smaller that Doug’s) IKEA wooden side-table to use (like Doug does) as a way to raise his laptop to eye-level (a level shorter than Doug’s) while working standing up, a common practice when coding Ruby Rails.