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Fits in the iPhone again

July 23, 2008

Took a bit of time for me to get to it but I finally fixed the CSS to where Crusher (especially the event page your guests see) is accessible and looks good in the jesus-phone, I mean the iPhone. Editing your page is still limited cause the iPhone can’t do stuff like drag & drop for reordering modules, but this is okay I think. The main use case we want to support is where you as a guest gets an invite in your email or SMS and you choose to visit the page.

I also fixed a few of the themes, just made them look a bit better. And added a “Cola” theme 🙂


Theme preview on hover

April 4, 2008

Here’s a first step in improving the flow for picking a theme or template to use in creating your page. Hovering over the swatch now shows you a preview image of what the page looks like. Simply click to create the page. From any page you create, you can customize it and change everything entirely. If you don’t like your page, there is a “Delete” option at the bottom of every page.theme_preview.jpg 

Roller skate theme added

February 23, 2008


Real-time stuff coming soon!

February 15, 2008

We are planning to do more stuff around real-time interaction. We’d like to allow event organizers the ability to let their guests interact or participate to an extent even if they aren’t present at the event. Two things are:

1. Live video streaming. We will make sure embed codes from services like Mogulus and Ustream are working well in our video module. Right now we are stripping off certain tags which are necessary. We will stop stripping.

2. Chat module. We are all about integrating existing services that are good rather than building everything from scratch. We’ve wanted to have a chat module for a while but we haven’t found a good service to use – our standards get in the way. Now we think we have found a great company to work with. More soon.

Also, added a new template for St. Patrick’s Day:


Crusher used by FOX to extend their site

December 20, 2007

There is a more official press release here… launched its Terminator Premiere site today and you will see an “Invite people to watch” link next to the mechanical boobs (pictured below).

Crusher is great for extending a site’s functionality with an invitation service that is completely brand immersed. If you didn’t know Crusher you might not even know it’s us. Oh, and this officially no longer makes us “pre-revenue”. Sweet (:


White elephant parties

November 17, 2007

So avoiding the traditional greeting card type themes I asked a friend what some of the more traditional activities were around the holidays that are odd or goofy. She said white elephant gift exchanges and fruitcake (:

Start organizing a white elephant party now with this theme.


Made my own donkey

November 17, 2007

I had to make my own donkey icon cause, as you’d expect, the existing pair of icons weren’t done in a unified style. I would guess because two different designers with differing political views made them. So I kept the fat elephant and made a more graphical donkey to match. I hope that’s cool with all the democrats. Now start organizing and vote!



Holiday themes coming (very) soon

November 15, 2007

So we’ve recently fixed a bunch of stuff in the ‘create new’ and ‘template’ flow, making things clearer and (hopefully) easier to use – than it already is 🙂 We’ve also tweaked the existing small list of themes, just now finding the time to make them better, and really excited about making new ones. I’ll post them here as they go live.

Russell is busy optimizing the site performance. Phillip is busy trying to get the word out about us to blogs. I’m wondering why sites like this get big tech industry press and we don’t. People tell me you have to “know someone”. Ugh, I’d appreciate even a bad review of Crusher cause consumers will decide for themselves 🙂

Keyline, Boltz

October 26, 2007

Our traffic has been increasing to the point where we need to start reconsidering the current setup of our servers. Hoping we can spend the next month on optimizing a lot of the processes that you don’t see but might feel as a lag when a lot of things happen at the same time. Lots of parties this weekend and reminders sending out today were enough for us to feel the spurts of slow down. Apologies if you felt it too. We’re not happy with that and are looking into (affordable) solutions other than buying more server space.

As a treat, a couple of new themes to play with.

new_theme_wire.jpg new_theme_boltz.jpg

Who else do you know would…

October 4, 2007

…mash together a Halloween theme with Valentine’s Day – and have it smiling back at you? Just you friends at Crusher, that’s who. You won’t find stuff this good using that other website. We won’t say who but its name rhymes with eSmite :)) Try out the new Jolly Roger template.