Printing a guest list for the door

August 30, 2008

The push went smoothly last night. Timed it for when everyone is out partying on a friday night, and not surfing Crusher, since there is a disruption for a couple of minutes. Now working on having a “Print the guest list” button appear along with the RSVP chart IF the number of invited guests are greater than 10. Ten is still on the low side to assume that the party is big enough that you might need a list for the door person. But really just covering the case where if you are having a dinner party or smaller you won’t have to see this button.


Getting ready to push out some changes

August 30, 2008

Based on user feedback, I’ve been iterating on the design side of things to make the messaging clearer, the interface more useful, and to fix a flow here and there. 

  • The create-new flow is cleaner, grouped into a 123 what, when, where structure.
  • The footer of an event page is more discoverable. The organizer should be able to spot those tools right below.
  • The guest module now has the rsvp breakdown chart open by default.
  • Plus a ton of other little stuff.

Aiming to also have a view toggle control that lets you look at the guest list in list format rather than tiled images as we have it right now. I’d also like to surface the printable guest list option. If time permits.

Fits in the iPhone again

July 23, 2008

Took a bit of time for me to get to it but I finally fixed the CSS to where Crusher (especially the event page your guests see) is accessible and looks good in the jesus-phone, I mean the iPhone. Editing your page is still limited cause the iPhone can’t do stuff like drag & drop for reordering modules, but this is okay I think. The main use case we want to support is where you as a guest gets an invite in your email or SMS and you choose to visit the page.

I also fixed a few of the themes, just made them look a bit better. And added a “Cola” theme 🙂

Found: rockstar RoR coder

July 22, 2008

Thanks to Bob Z. for introducing us to Dusty M. of New York who has now officially taken on the spot as the next Crusher coder (start date Monday, July 21st). I now owe Bob a BBQ dinner at Memphis Minnies (yum).

Looking for rockstar RoR coder.

July 8, 2008

Not so good news: It’s time for Russell to move on to a real gig. By real I mean those that actually make money and pay money. Not a shock, always been part of the plan. So now I am solo on Crusher and searching for someone to take his place.

Are you a Ruby Rails developer who comes up with lots of cool new features and ways to optimize an app – but not getting them deployed at work? We have a test driven process and we push every week! If you are ready for something fun on the side, something that doesn’t come with a big bi-monthly paycheck, something you can call your own – Crusher is looking for you. Offering nice equity now.

Dear users, those bugs are fixed!

July 1, 2008

Well, our engineering team finally got back from Nicaragua vacation and was able to fix the two bugs. Unfortunately there are still some people left out there with dead Stuff pages. I am hoping our engineering team will find some mercy time and kill that particular break – possibly a residual from the previous bugs. 

Please don’t get us wrong. Crusher doesn’t usually have so many glaring bugs. This is a special time when our engineering team is distracted and unmerciful. But we’re working on a remedy. Haven’t found one yet but am praying.

Dear users, we have some known bugs

June 28, 2008

So our engineering team is away for several days and the last deployment introduced a coupla bugs that can’t get fixed until the team gets back. By team, I mean Russell. He’s in Nicaragua.

BUG #1 – The background image of your page does not show up for you but it does for your guests. Possible remedy for now: Go into your Customize pane and change the background image setting from “None” to “Custom”, then Save.

BUG #2 – Pages which use an older background pattern will break if you try to clone it. This means some of our templates break because some of them use the older background patterns. Possible remedy for now: Go into your Customize pane and pick any of the patterns available (which are new) in order to get rid of the old pattern, then Save.

I apologize for these bumps in the road. Time compression often leaves us forgetting to test some of these use cases before deploying.

Better than evite!

June 23, 2008

I just found out about this site, or I should say page, which lists out alternatives to evite. Crusher is on top of the list 🙂 Thanks, to whomever you are.

Video avatars are here!

June 19, 2008

We just did a quiet push today of a feature that lets you make video avatars of yourself which appears on your event pages and reacts when your guests RSVP. Give it a shot. Just go into your Account page and opt into it – record using your web cam – and you’re set for your next event.

No event in the near future? Here is a demo page. Just add yourself as a guest in the guest module, then RSVP. Watch Cole’s reaction on the top left.

Uber-hip Event Service: Crush3r

June 7, 2008

Cool Webware write-up on p0pulist which mentions dear Crusher as the above 🙂

“Populist is the first project from the folks at Particle, who include the founder of uber-hip event service Crush3r (review) and the designer of many of Yahoo’s mobile apps. Keep an eye on these guys.”